Paul Kazazis

Executive Coach

Paul is a bilingual (Greek-English) coach and trainer with over 40 years of professional experience.

He began his career in the auto industry and has held senior management positions in various retail sectors such as home appliances, winemaking, cosmetics, furniture, and art.

The last 10 years he trains and coaches senior management in the art of presentation skills and public speaking and collaborates with major Greek and multinational companies to enhance the performance of their management teams through customized training and coaching.

He has also developed a coaching program specifically designed for lawyers who wish to improve their results when arguing cases in court and has also created a witness preparation crash course. 

In his coaching and trainings, he likes to incorporate insights from his extensive knowledge drawn from art and literature, in order to enhance clarity and understanding.

Humor is also a sine qua non ingredient of the experience when you work with Paul  because he believes that humor is a powerful catalyst for learning.

His mantra is this quote by Epictetus an Ancient Greek philosopher:

“People are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them”

Paul also works pro-bono advising young people on how to launch their careers in the private sector.

In his free time he reads, enjoys going to the movies and the theatre and also cooks challenging dishes.

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